Dog always pats his deaf-blind friend’s nose to let him know he’s there

Dog: Some animals are born with some sort of physical handicap, but that doesn’t stop them from having a normal life, and they often receive special help to help them overcome the obstacles.

When Tamale was adopted by Speak for the Unspoken Dog Rescue, he was only four months old, and he has been deaf and blind since birth. His disability does not affect him not as much as you might think, because he often does things that any dog ​​would do without a problem.

Kayleigh Otstot, Tamale’s mother, told The Dodo:

“He often bumps into things, but other than that I see him as a perfectly normal dog. Often, when people meet him, they say they never would have known! “.

A dog always gives little touches on the muzzle of his best friend

The dog has always been very outgoing, he loves people, babies and all the other dogs he meets. It is precisely thanks to his incredible kindness that he was lucky enough to meet his best friend in the world, an adorable little dog named Jimmy.

The two met at the dog park over a year ago and have since formed a beautiful friendship.

Kayleigh commented:

“Originally, Melinda, Jimmy’s mom, and I had planned to meet at the dog park. Then we started taking them for walks together, and it went from there. They see each other at least once a week. »

Tamale and Jimmy maintain a unique friendship and have grown so close that Jimmy seems knowing that his friend is different and needs his help. Knowing that, it seems Jimmy has managed to find the most special way to let his friend know he’s there.

Whenever the two dogs get together to spend time together, Tamale waits anxiously in the car and Jimmy runs to bump her nose. Thereby, the nice Tamale knows that his best friend has arrived and it’s time to start exploring and having fun in the park.

Kayleigh added:

“Tamale always jumps out of the car and the two start playing right away.”

This beautiful routine happens every time they meet.

Dogs are probably very grateful for their friendship, but the truth is that they all love two play and explore the place together.

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