Dog Angrily Stares At Owner Because She Won’t Get Out Of Bed To Walk Him

This dog is grumpy. Pets are considered the best companions in the homes of many families and also the most secure in the house.

On this occasion, an adorable canine showed his discomfort when he noticed that his carer did not want not get out of bed to take her for a walk. The animal’s reaction stunned thousands of users on TikTok.

This is Daiki, an adorable dog who loves going out and playing in the morning more than anything. But what Daiki doesn’t like is being delayed.

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This dog wants his master to wake up!!

Recently Sandy, Daiki’s owner, woke up to find her dog standing at the foot of her bed. Sandy hadn’t slept too much that morning, at least according to her, but one look at the dog’s expression made it clear that she thought differently.

“He made noise with his little paws to wake me up,” Sandy told The Dodo. “He wanted to go out and play. And when he wants something, he stares at me. »

Daiki cast what appeared to be a critical look in his direction, as if to say: “Come on, Sandy, haven’t you slept enough?” » Sandy got the message. And luckily Daiki didn’t have to wait much longer for Sandy to get up and take him outside.

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Of course, Daiki may have been a bit impatient that morning. But her ability to convey her feelings to Sandy is one of the reasons she loves him so much.

“He is very intelligent, but he also has a lot of character,” Sandy said.He is so expressive with his face. »

Internet users were impressed by the behavior of the dog and hastened to comment on the scene.

“Firulais: Karen, I always thought you would disappoint me, but I never thought it would be so soon,” were some of the reactions of Internet users on the social network.

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