Dog excrement: in Bergerac, the inhabitants doubtful about the “dung fine” of 750 euros that the mayor wants to impose

“12 kg of dog excrement picked up every day by our dirt bike, too much is too much! explains Jonathan Prioleaud, the mayor of Bergerac to justify his decision to sign the municipal decree which provides for financial penalties of up to a maximum of 750 euros. “We have been raising awareness among the population and tourists about this problem for a year, but this time we must move on to a more offensive policy”, continues the Mayor, also specifying that this decision was part of his team’s program during the last municipal elections. “Now things are clear. Each dog owner must have at least two collection bags in their possession when walking on public roads. Otherwise our municipal police will issue fines! »

This announcement is widely commented on in the city and some residents like Agnès Guy, president of a neighborhood committee in the city center, is skeptical: “I live in a house in the heart of old Bergerac and not a day goes by indeed without me having to pay attention where I put my feet. But I wonder how the municipal police will operate to catch the unscrupulous in the act. I think it’s a com stunt and then that’s it! »

Many bag distributors in the neighborhoods

At the edge of the Dordogne which runs along the city, Hélène approves of the decision: “I did not wait for a municipal decree to equip myself with small bags. When we respect our environment, we all have small bags in our belongings. So much the worse for those who ignore others. »

Several residents say they have trouble finding available bags. An excuse that surprises Jonathan Prioleaud: “We have installed many distributors in the neighborhoods but the town hall cannot do everything either. It is also up to pet owners to take charge in order to participate in a cleaner city. »

Pending the strict application of the municipal decree at the beginning of June 2022, the town hall offers a free gadget to each resident who requests it: a plastic box in the shape of a bone which contains two small collection bags. . “I’m sure that in a few years this object will be worth more than 750 euros for collectors”, concludes jokingly a bar owner whose establishment accepts doggies on the terrace.

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