Dog falls 25 meters and miraculously recovers

Dog falls 25 meters and miraculously recovers

In the Meuse, three dogs had a spectacular fall. Only a dog will survive this accident.

Two dogs died instantly

He is a true survivor. A dog miraculously survived a 25 meter fall. This story revealed by the “Lorraine Actu” site begins on February 12 in the Euville quarry sector, near Commercy in the Meuse.

Three dogs will fall 25 meters. A fall that will unfortunately be fatal for two canines who will die instantly. Impossible to know how the doggies could have landed in this sector.

No serious injury

The only survivor of this accident will be rushed to the vet. On Facebook, the clinic that provided him with first aid wanted to give internet users news: “The survivor was shocked when he arrived at the clinic, but had no serious injuries. After two days of hospitalization, he was ready to go home. »

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