Dog goes viral after returning hugs and affection from groomer

Some dog breeds need to go to the groomer more often, as more attention needs to be paid to their hygiene and coat; the shih-tzu is an example. And when Pet Grooming provides this service with love, we know our pets love their bath day.

A video posted on Celebrities News Instagram shows Leonardo Fernandes, owner of LD Aesthetics Animal, cuddling and talking to a dog that was brought in for a day of grooming.

Dog goes viral after returning hugs and affection from groomer

As the groomer talks, the little animal responds with sounds and rests its head on his shoulder – an adorable scene!

The trust and affection between the dog and the professional is what makes the video so infectious. You can see that this love is shared among all of his canine clients. As the caption of the video says, when you give love, you receive the same in return.

“Where is my baby? What a cute baby,” comments Leandro.

The video has reached over 440,000 views and hundreds of comments.

” Excellent work “, commented a follower.

“How nice, congratulations! » commented another.

“Now I want to take a hairdressing and grooming course for pets! Very well “then exclaims a last.

It’s a beautiful scene and very surprising, because not all dogs have a good relationship with their groomer. Some of them are actually very scared and don’t like to take a bath.

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