Dog kills a little girl’s Chihuahua in the street

A chihuahua was killed on Sunday by another dog in the town of Etaules (Côte-d’Or), near Dijon. This tragedy took place in the middle of the street while the little animal was walking with a ten-year-old girl, reports France Bleu Bourgogne. He was attacked by an American Staffordshire dog.

According to information from Good publicity, the mastiff would have escaped from its enclosure and burst into the street. He allegedly fatally wounded the Chihuahua. The little girl, on the other hand, was not injured, but was in a state of shock.

The dog was seized and its owners summoned

The owners of the American Staffordshire were summoned by the gendarmes. The military must determine whether the dog has been declared and whether its owners have the necessary permits to keep this animal considered dangerous.

At the request of the public prosecutor in Dijon, the dog was placed at SPA. It must be examined and evaluated by a veterinarian.

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