“Dog or Cat”: this optical illusion ignites social networks

While you can clearly see a dog’s head, this has turned into a cat’s back. An optical illusion that has misled the brains of many Internet users.

A new video, published on TikTok and shared on Reddit, ignites the web. At the very beginning of it, we clearly see what could be a white dog’s head with a black nose and mouth resting on the edge of a roof. But when the person filming the video whistles to get the animal’s attention, the dog’s face disappears in the blink of an eye and turns out to be… the back of a cat.

This transformation has caused confusion among Internet users. “I was wondering: where did the body of this dog go?” wrote a user. “I never expected this to be a cat” or “this cat has the best camouflage, I would never be able to find it”, can we also read in the comments.

An image created by the brain

Indeed, this type of fact misleads the human brain, which is mistaken when perceiving the shape, color, dimensions or movements of certain objects. He interprets in his own way the multitudes of information perceived by the eyes.

In this optical illusion, the cat’s back presumably resembles a dog’s head, posing a real problem for the brain to misinterpret.

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