Dog spotted in cinema to watch new Batman movie, VIDEO

Dog: A never-before-seen video has gone viral on Tik Tok after a netizen named Kate Coburn filmed an animal in the room when she went to the cinema to see the new Batman movie, a DC Comics production.

When you go to the cinema, what do you think of first? To popcorn? In soda? To movie stars? All of these options are part of the plan, however, the bonus in this case was the presence of a Chihuahua puppy.

This dog has become famous on Tiktok!

“I went to see Batman today and apparently this Chihuahua his owners came with was hiding under a blanket. »

The elderly couple are filmed eating popcorn with soda and watching the movie in company of their pet. The only one who seems to notice they are being filmed is the dog hiding in the woman’s lap.

In the scenes, we can see the » relief of the mascot who got out of a backpack. Apparently, he also wanted to see the premiere of the film! The post reached over 4 million views, 808,400 likes and 7417 comments.

“The film lasts three hours, they couldn’t leave him alone at home”, said a netizen.

“Oh my god, very pretty, wait…I didn’t see anything”Sara jokes.

“I wish there was a pet friendly cinema, my dog ​​loves watching TV and movies,” added a third.

Would you take your pet to the movies? Tell us.

Watch the video below:

We hope this video made you laugh, we loved it!

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