dog that bit 2-year-old girl to be euthanized

A decision “necessary for the peace of all”, indicated the town hall of Péronne-en-Mélantois on its social networks.

The dog who bit a 2-year-old girl on Monday afternoon in Péronne-en-Mélantois will be euthanized, the town hall said on Tuesday, which issued a municipal decree.

The mayor of Péronne-en-Mélantois personally contacted the owners of the dog to inform them of this decision, which the municipality considers “necessary for everyone’s peace”.

On its Facebook account, the town hall also specifies that “everything will be done to help all those who have been impacted or witnesses to this tragedy.”

Bitten several times

Monday afternoon, the 2-year-old girl accompanied by her nanny was bitten several times by a Rottweiler in this northern town. The dog had escaped the supervision of his master.

Seriously injured, the girl had been transported to the Lille hospital center. The municipality of Péronne-en-Mélantois specifies that the child remains hospitalized, intensive care being necessary to ensure good healing of the wounds, but his days are not in danger.

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