Dog Undergoes Emergency Surgery Twice After Chomping Multiple Times From Garden Hose

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In less than a month, Rodney had to be operated on twice after ingesting foreign bodies. They were pieces of garden hose that had made him sick. This dog’s owners are relieved he got away with it, but they’re going to have to be more careful.

A Labrador Retriever had the bad idea of ​​chewing on a garden hose and ended up having emergency surgery, before doing it again a few weeks later. A story told by Daily Record.

The dog in question is called Rodney. Its owners richard and Oriana Kelly had recently moved. In their new house, the garden was not yet maintained. The canine, driven by curiosity, began to snoop around in the underbrush, then began to display worrying symptoms.

His masters took him to the vet, who discovered that he had an intestinal obstruction. He had to be operated on immediately.

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3 weeks later, while still recovering from the first incident, Rodney nibbled on a garden hose again and swallowed a piece of it. Noting that he was doing very badly and that he was vomiting, richard and Oriana Kelly took him to the veterinary clinic Willows to Hartfordnear Northwich (North of England), where he underwent a 2and surgical intervention. This time, the foreign bodies had become lodged in both the stomach and the intestine. The operation was even more delicate.

A veterinarian calls on owners to be vigilant

For Richard Nolan, a veterinary surgeon who has already treated this dog, its owners can consider themselves lucky that it survived. ” Rodney is a typical Labrador who usually suffers from digestive issues. He has a sensitive gut and the owners are very careful about what he eats and when.says the specialist. I’ve dealt with his sensitive digestion in the past, but things went downhill when they moved. »

His misadventure must serve ” warning to others [propriétaires canins] who move to think about what their dogs might find “, he continues.

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Stacey Oliver/Daily Record

Rodney is better since his second operation. His family have promised to put the garden in order and ensure that the phrase “never two without three” does not come true for his Labrador.

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