Dogs attacked by other dogs: the responsibility falls on the owners

Anne Babin lives in Carleton-sur-Mer. For 12 years, she had been Léa’s mistress, but on July 16, everything changed. At a private campsite in the city, his dog, barely 3.5 kilos, was attacked by a Great Dane, a breed of very strong dogs that weigh an average of around 70 kilos.

The attack was fatal to the little dog.

Léa, a small bichon frize with white hair, on the edge of the water.

The dog Léa was killed by another dog while she was in the arms of her mistress.

Photo: Courtesy of Anne Babin

Anne Babin was heading for her trailer, her bichon frize in her arms, after the animal had left to briefly explore the land of its neighbors. That’s when the beast stood up to jump on me and snatched my dog ​​from my arms. She took him in her mouth, crushed his chest, pierced his heart and threw him to the ground. The lady was unable to contain her beast, which was too strong and only held by a collarsays the owner of Léa with emotion.

According to Ms. Babin, it was only after her dog was killed that the Great Dane released it. My dog ​​bled to death in my arms without us being able to do anythingshe says.

The owner of the Great Dane, named Tokyo, attended the scene, helpless and unable to control her animal. She was in tears, according to Ms. Babin.

This lady would then have contacted Ms. Babin on social networks to apologize. The owner of the Great Dane would have even mentioned to him that she would go the next day to take her animal to the breeder in Gaspé where she had adopted him. She would have added that she knew she was in the wrong and that she fully assumed her responsibility.

Anne Babin holds her little bichon frize in her arms on a boat.

The dog Léa and her owner, Anne Babin, several years ago.

Photo: Courtesy of Anne Babin

Michel Bourget is the owner of La Vallée des Géants, a Great Dane farm in Gaspé. Tokyo was born and raised at his home before his family in Carleton-sur-Mer adopted him last summer.

For Mr. Bourget, the explanation for this attack is clear. He was not brought up with enough firmness. They’re not a mean breed, the Great Dane, but they do need to be well behaved and firmhe says.

He believes that this was not the case in this family. boss, c’était le patron là-bas. Ça aussi ça a manqué”,”text”:”Il était plus comme un jouet qu’un chien. Ils l’aimaient, donc ils n’avaient aucune autorité et lui laissaient faire tout ce qu’il voulait. C’était lui le boss, c’était le patron là-bas. Ça aussi ça a manqué”}}”>He was more like a toy than a dog. They loved him, so they had no authority and let him do whatever he wanted. He was the one boss, he was the boss there. Missed that toohe said.

The problem is the owner, not the dog. »

A quote from Michel Bourget, owner of La Vallée des Géants breeding

Since Tokyo has returned to the breeder, he says that the behavior of the dog is exemplary. He is doing very well and with us he is very nice, even gentle as a lamb. I drive him everywhere and he showed no malice. I don’t understand what happened. I don’t understand his reactionhe says.

Mr. Bourget confirms that the Great Danes are not a breed of dog known to be dangerous or particularly aggressive with other animals. I have never seen that. I’ve never heard of this and I’ve had Great Danes all my lifehe assures.

The unpredictability of the attack also shows the extent to which vigilance is always required.

You never know what can happen with a big dog, because he’s a big dog. [La propriétaire] should have had a muzzle for his dog. That’s the mistake she made. »

A quote from Michel Bourget, owner of La Vallée des Géants breeding

A precedent for the Great Dane

Even though Tokyo is now soft like a lambaccording to the breeder, this is not the first time that he violently attacks another dog.

Following the attack, which she spoke about on social media, Anne Babin received testimonies from two owners whose dogs were attacked by the same Great Dane. In their case, the attacks were not fatal. Noting that the dog had reoffended, all three decided to file a complaint with the City of Carleton-sur-Mer.

The degree of danger of the animal will therefore probably have to be assessed by a veterinarian. This is exactly what his breeder intends to do, who is waiting for the Town of Carleton to contact him again on this subject.

A very small dog and a very large dog that is six times his size are touching their muzzles.

A Great Dane can weigh up to 70 kilos. He is seen here next to a French bulldog (archives).

Photo: gettyimages/istockphoto/GlobalP

However, Mr. Bourget intends to keep the dog at home, regardless of the outcome of the veterinarian’s evaluation. The breeder feels that he has some responsibility and wants to prevent such a thing from happening again in the future.

Michel Bourget is convinced that another attack will not occur if Tokyo stays with him. boss“,”text”:”Moi je les élève bien. Je ne suis pas méchant, mais je suis ferme et c’est moi qui suis le boss”}}”>I raise them well. I’m not mean, but I’m tough, and I’m the one bosshe points out.

The role of the city

If it is declared dangerous, I will keep it accordingly. He will stay in a pen, and when I go out with him, he will have a muzzle and I will not let him loose with small dogs, he will always be on a leashsays Mr. Bourget.

On the website of the City of Carleton-sur-Mer, it is also mentioned that a dog weighing more than 20 kilos must wear a harness or a halter in public places and that a dog must at all times be under the control of a person capable of controlling it.

In the case of Tokyo, these instructions were not respected.

Anne Babin understands very well that municipalities cannot monitor every animal. She wonders, however, if they could do more than just publish reminders of the law in the newspaper. The woman wants irresponsible owners be sanctioned.

If you can’t control your animals, you shouldn’t have them! »

A quote from Anne Babin, owner of the dog Léa, fatally attacked

Anne Babin points out that it is not always easy to report dog attacks in a small town like Carleton-sur-Mer, where everyone knows each other. However, she invites people to do so to prevent further attacks from occurring. She believes that her dog Léa would still be alive if that had been the case.

Should we wait for a dog to attack a child or a human to act? she wonders.

Different dog, same problem

Last fall, Raphaële Bérubé was at the top of Mont Castor, in Matane, with her two dogs attached to a racing harness, when her miniature pinscher, Gustave, was attacked. A dog she claims is a pit bull, with no owner or leash, appeared out of nowhere, grabbed her little dog by the neck and began shaking him.

A small dog with a harness.

Gustave before the attack that almost killed him in Matane in the fall of 2021.

Photo: Courtesy of Raphaële Bérubé

The first reaction I had on adrenaline was to try to put my hands in the mouth of the pit bull to try to separate him from Gus, but I got bitten.says the young woman.

Raphaële Bérubé recounts that during this time, two elderly people with whom she was talking before the attack tried to help her by hitting the animal with a stick. Me, I was kicking his ribs, I never forced so much in my life, but he wouldn’t let goshe remembers.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the pit bull let go of his dog after hearing someone whistle.

His masters were about 500m away, at the other end of the mountain. I was screaming. I was screaming murder. I could have been heard 20 km away and they weren’t coming. And all of a sudden, I hear hissing and the dog let go of Gustave. »

A quote from Raphaële Bérubé, owner of the dog Gustave

Very shaken, Ms. Bérubé quickly understood the urgency of the situation. skinné comme un lapin. Tout coupé et sa peau tout arrachée. Je prends Gus dans mes bras et on a couru en bas de la montagne”,”text”:”Mon chien était skinné comme un lapin. Tout coupé et sa peau tout arrachée. Je prends Gus dans mes bras et on a couru en bas de la montagne”}}”>My dog ​​was skinned like a rabbit, all cut up and its skin all torn off. I picked up Gus and we ran down the mountainshe recalls.

At the on-call vet in Rimouski, the operation to save Gustave lasted two and a half hours. His mistress says that he came out with about 45 stitches and that the veterinarian, a specialist in canine aggression, couldn’t get over his injuries.

Even though the pit bull’s owner left her contact information after the attack, she never wanted to pay back the $2,500 vet bill. Raphaële Bérubé therefore launched proceedings in the Small Claims Court.

The law is clear

However, the Éducaloi site clearly reminds us that an owner is responsible for damage caused by his animal.

The owner of a dog remains responsible for the damage caused by his dog even if he had no control over it at the time the damage was caused.

Source : (New window)

A small dog dressed in a jacket on a bed.

Gustave, the miniature pinscher attacked by another dog in Matane

Photo: Courtesy of Raphaëlle Bérubé

Today, Raphaële Bérubé maintains that her dog is fine, apart from her huge scar. I think I’m the most traumatized in the storyshe admits.

But the case doesn’t end there. Raphaële Bérubé discovered that friends of hers were neighbors of the owners of the pit bull who attacked Gustave. His friends also claim that their dog has already been targeted by this pit bull who, according to them, would never be on a leash.

Ms. Bérubé denounces the inaction of the City of Matane in this file.

I told them that there had been an attack by a pit bull dog, which firstly is prohibited in the territory according to municipal regulations, and secondly, it is a violent attack with a police file and they do not do nothing. »

A quote from Raphaële Bérubé, owner of the dog Gustave

The young woman claims not to have been taken seriously by the people contacted at the City.

The City would have answered him that she doesn’t deal with cases like that referring to the assessment of the pit bull, even after Raphaële Bérubé had recommended them the specialized veterinarian who operated on Gustave.

Bérubé. Imagine si j’avais été avec un enfant. Et si j’avais été seule sans mes chiens, est-ce qu’il m’aurait sauté dessus? Parce que mes chiens sont zéro agressifs, ils sont super bien élevés et on venait de courir 8km. Ils étaient brûlés, mais il nous a attaqués”,”text”:”Si les municipalités ont des règlements, qu’ils les appliquent, lance RaphaëleBérubé. Imagine si j’avais été avec un enfant. Et si j’avais été seule sans mes chiens, est-ce qu’il m’aurait sauté dessus? Parce que mes chiens sont zéro agressifs, ils sont super bien élevés et on venait de courir 8km. Ils étaient brûlés, mais il nous a attaqués”}}”>If the municipalities have regulations, they must apply them, launches Raphaële Bérubé. Imagine if I had been with a child. And if I had been alone without my dogs, would he have jumped on me? Because my dogs are zero aggressive, they’re super well behaved and we had just run eight kilometres. They were burned, but he attacked us.

Anne Babin and Raphaële Bérubé both denounce the lack of effort and the inaction of the municipalities involved in their respective files. The two women hope that commitments will be made to prevent the dramas they experienced with their dogs from happening again.

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