Doliprane: Here is why French pharmacies lack it!

A little headache? A physical pain that bothers you? Doliprane is one of those drugs that we all have in stock at home. What allow us to relieve ourselves without necessarily having to go to a doctor for small everyday cases. Only now that this drug has been running out of French pharmacies for some time. Why ? We give you the answers in this article!

Doliprane: a daily drug

We mentioned it earlier, Doliprane is a drug that almost all of us have in our little medicine boxes. This is understandable since the latter helps us to treat many small health inconveniences that we can encounter on a daily basis. Remember that its paracetamol composition makes it a quality painkiller. It will mainly help you to deal with less serious pathologies that can occur at home or in the office. It is therefore completely normal to have them!

If you are not too used to using this drug, know that doliprane is recommended in various situations. In particular, it can be of great help to you in the case of a cold to relieve you of the various crises that this causes. But this drug is also known to treat headaches or abdominal pain during your period. Its consumption has also skyrocketed since this pandemic linked to covid-19 as well as during seasonal changes.

Two products in short supply!

As you will have understood, the use of Doliprane has been increasingly important in recent times. Its properties and the fact that it helps to heal in many ways makes it a highly sought-after product. This is also how we have noticed several shortages in French pharmacies. This is particularly the case for the 1000mg capsules which are particularly used by adults. The latter is part of the drugs prescribed in many situations. It is therefore difficult to do without it!

On the other hand there is also the Liquiz formula which is intended for children. This product is experiencing the same fate as Doliprane in pharmacies today. Indeed, a wave of shortage is making itself known even if the latter has somewhat returned to the stocks of establishments. We therefore understand better why it is so difficult to find this drug in certain situations.

What about Doliprane in the coming months?

In addition to this high consumption, Doliprane is experiencing a drop in production. Indeed, those responsible for its marketing are currently experiencing some difficulties in offering it. What leave the French in demand for the moment.

But never mind, this situation should not continue to rage too long! Production managers have already revealed that Doliprane would soon be normal on the market. The problem should therefore be resolved by the coming June.

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