Domestic violence in Monaco: a lawyer from Nice has her violent husband convicted

This time, she herself complains. On the bench of the defendants Julien, his childhood sweetheart, the father of his two children.

He chose a job in Monaco where he helps, and yet, since 2015, he has turned into an aggressor, unable to repress his impulses.

“I found myself barefoot fleeing in the night with my two little ones to take refuge with neighbours”, testifies the Nice lawyer.

Two-year suspended prison sentence

On November 9, 2018, after a new attack where she found herself with a swollen face, she filed a complaint. An expert estimates his temporary interruption of work at ten days.

The first slap dates back to 2005. The founding act of a relationship that continued to deteriorate until Monegasque justice got involved by appointing an investigating judge.

The correctional trial has just taken place in the Principality. The prosecution had requested three years in prison, including one year.

Julien has just been given a two-year suspended prison sentence. He will have to pay damages to his ex-wife but also to his two children who have too often witnessed his uncontrolled outbursts of anger.

Frightened, they slept for months in the same room to reassure themselves and blocked their door to prevent their father from attacking them.

The Monegasque Association for Aid to Victims of Criminal Offences, also a civil party, obtained the symbolic euro it was claiming.

“Shame must change sides”

For Caroline Gatto, this final sentence (her ex-husband did not appeal) is the end of an ordeal, a huge relief.

Hadn’t she sometimes had to dress in long sleeves in the summer to hide the bruises on her arms, to hide her daily life as a cheated and beaten woman from those close to her?

His lawyer, Mr.and Sandrine Reboul, says to herself “proud to have accompanied my colleague and friend on a long and difficult journey”. Caroline leads the way for others by telling her story face to face.

Of the 213,000 women victims of violence in their couple identified by the national observatory, many have a job, a social life, leaving nothing to show.

“For any woman who dares to say stop, freedom is at the end of the legal process, however painful it may be. Shame can and must change sides”hammers Mand Reboul.

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