Donald Trump Jr. Thinks His News App Will ‘Disrupt’ Google And Apple (Really)

Two of the conservative movement’s favorite assertions are that the media is biased against it and that conservative voices are constantly censored. In the case of the latter, this led donald trump for starters Social Truth, a social media network where one can presumably incite violent insurrection without violating the terms of service of the platform. With regard to the alleged bias of the media, Donald Trump Jr.covered it.

Axios Reports that Trump’s eldest son, alongside other former Trump staffers, is launching a “news aggregation app” called MxM News, which the group says has the potential to “rival Apple News.” and Google News”. [Pause for laughter.] According to Axios, the service “seeks to disrupt the mobile information space in much the same way as how [the] drudge [Report] disrupted web publishing and Fox News disrupted cable television in the 1990s. Tucker-Carlson? MxM may be for you.

Although the company’s slogan is “mainstream news without mainstream bias”, mainstream media is unlikely to feature heavily in the app’s feed, given what the father of Junior had to say about them (“pathetic”, “false”, “corrupt”, “deranged”, “sick”, “enemy of the people”). In 2019, the then president supposedly intended to tell federal agencies not to renew their subscriptions to the washington post and the New York Times, in what might have been the meanest move in West Wing history. Axios notes that the content will be “curated by a small team of around eight employees” and that “the app founders expect early adoption to come from users. [who] are right of center.

Don Jr., a true bastion of reliable news, told Axios: “As I travel across the country, the complaint I hear more than anything else is that people don’t know what media outlets, journalists or stories they can actually trust. . . We created the MxM News app to help people cut through that clutter and get trusted news and information on topics that matter and impact their lives. We consider this to be an important public service and we also believe that it will be an excellent undertaking. Yeah, it seems like he was really serious about that line of public service. No, it’s unclear if he plans to use his own app or instead take a page from his dad’s playbook and pretend it doesn’t exist.

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