‘Don’t buy this dog breed again’, says UK study

Pugs are particularly prone to serious health problems.

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Ua British study of more than 16,000 pugs showed that this breed was 50 times more exposed to serious health problems and had a shorter lifespan. This is reported by the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. Pugs are particularly affected by more than half of the 40 most common canine health problems.

“We have compiled a list of the most important bodily functions of dogs,” explains Dan O’Neill, who carried out this study. Among them, the ability to blink. “It sounds basic, but a lot of pugs can’t do that. A dog must also be able to sit and sleep without snoring or panting continuously, and have skin that is not split. Pugs simply don’t have the basic functions expected of a dog,” the professor continues. “Their health needs exceed those of other dogs and intensive breeding means these problems will only increase. »

For the professor, the conclusion is clear: “Only buy breeds that are naturally healthy, not pugs”.

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