Douglas, the dog who was able to vote in the LR primary is worth the detour


UNUSUAL – Douglas, new hero of the LR primary. In a survey published this Wednesday, February 23, Release looked into the oddities discovered in the file of members of the Les Républicains party. And among them, the presence of a dog, registered by his master, an LR member from Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Baptized Douglas, this dog was registered “to test, to see if it was feasible”, explains his master anonymously in the columns of the newspaper. Registered with the contact details of its owner, Douglas therefore joined the party for the sum of 30 euros in November 2021, to vote in the primary which saw Valérie Pécresse be invested for the right-wing party in the 2022 presidential election.

“I did with what I had on hand,” directly assumed the owner of Douglas. It was enough for the Internet to imagine the most imaginative and funny diversions.

In the minutes following the publication of the survey by Release, a parody account on the model of support accounts for presidential candidates was created on Twitter and called “Dogs with Pécresse”. A parody account in Douglas’s name has also emerged.

A way for others to make fun of the winner of the ballot on the right, who without the help of her “30 million friends” could not have entered the race for the Élysée.

After the revelations of Releasesome Internet users have already imagined the next TV shows on which Douglas will be invited to express himself.

Finally, some Internet users could not help but draw a parallel between Douglas the primary school dog and “Doug”, this golden retriever who is not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer, but is on the other hand very affectionate, from the movie Up there.

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