€4,000 fine for shooting and killing his neighbor’s cat in Marche

In August 2021, her neighbor found her cat in bad shape one morning. The veterinarian will find two holes and four pellets in the animal’s body and will have no choice but to euthanize it.

Between the explosions heard in the neighborhood and the defendant’s statements to his neighbors, there is no doubt for judge Françoise Hertay that the Marchois did indeed shoot his neighbor’s cat. What he disputes.

Denials qualified as ” whimsical ” in the judgment delivered Tuesday morning.

Division prosecutor Dimitri Gourdange had requested a fine of €8,000. Finally, the Marchois was fined €4,000, with a three-year reprieve for three-quarters of the sentence. Clearly, if he holds up, he will have to pay only €1,000. This reprieve was granted to him in the hope of an amendment and because he is not known to the justice system.

He will also have to pay €447 in material and moral damage to his neighbour.

His rifle was also confiscated.


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