Easter: Why is chocolate toxic to dogs (and how to react if they eat it)?

Easter chocolates are coming to the tables! A delight for humans, but a danger for pets. Why can it be toxic for them? How to know if your pet is intoxicated and how to react? We take stock.

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Chickens, eggs, rabbits… Let’s go for Easter chocolates! But be careful not to leave it lying around if you have animals: chocolate can be toxic for them.

Cocoa contains theobromine, a molecule that affects the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. ” The dog is very sensitive to the effects of these substances because the elimination is slower than in humans, and the toxic dose is reached more quickly. says Animal Poison Center West. No chocolate either for cats or small rodents!

Depending on the quantity and type of chocolate ingested, poisoning can be more or less serious, even fatal. The darker and more bitter the chocolate, the more theobromine it contains, and therefore the more toxic it is.

How to recognize poisoning?

The first signs can appear within an hour or several hours after ingestion. What are the symptoms ? The animal is very thirsty, vomits, he is restless and shivers, urinates a lot. He can sometimes have heart problems or even fall into a coma in the most serious cases.

What to do ?

First, contact your veterinarian. You will have to make your dog vomit (with your veterinarian) if he has swallowed more than 2 grams of dark chocolate per kilogram of body weight (20 grams for a 10 kg dog, for example) or if he has swallowed more than 10 grams of milk chocolate per kilogram of body weight.

White chocolate containing little theobromine, it is much less toxic than the others. But if in doubt, contact your veterinarian.

To quickly find out if your dog is in danger, veterinary emergencies have put online a chocolate toxicity calculator in dogs. You just have to indicate the weight of your animal, the type of chocolate ingested and the quantity.

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