Eating This Funny Sea Animal Reduces Age-Related Inflammation In The Brain!

The sea ​​squirtsstrange-looking marine animals oscillating between that of a coral and a sea ​​cucumberwould hold a secret of youth. Indeed, their body is filled with plasmalogens, a family of molecules present in large quantities in our brain and our heart, but with age their quantity decreases. Scientists have wondered if supplementing with plasmalogens could reduce certain signs of aging, such asinflammation neurons in the brain.

Our research suggests that plasmalogens not only halt cognitive decline, they also reverse cognitive impairment in the aging brain. In addition, aged mice fed with plasmalogens grow more new, black, shiny hairs than unsupplemented aged mice. », explains Lei Fuprofessor at the University of Pharmacy of Shanghai in China and principal investigator of this research.

The mechanisms behind these observations are still unclear, but the researchers assume that plasmalogens act on the synapses who transmit thenerve impulses Between neurons. ” Taking plasmalogens by mouth could be a therapy feasible to improve cognitive functions in the elderly adds Lei Fu. The benefits of these food supplements remain to be proven. In the meantime, sea squirts are a very popular delicacy in Korea and Japan!


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