Ecully. A family of stray cats saved by the inhabitants of a neighborhood


It is a story of animals but also of humans. From people who mobilized to save a mother cat and her three kittens, born in the park of the Étang residence in Écully. There is Elsa, who bears the name of the Snow Queen and looks like her like two drops of water. Côme, her prince charming, volunteer firefighter. Madame Michou, known as “Mimi”, the good fairy that everyone knows. The merchants who have accepted that a small box be installed in their store to collect a few deniers…

Animals in bad shape

The story begins last July, when Elsa and “Mimi”, who are doing the same trick to walk their dogs, realize that a family of cats has taken up residence in the park near the leisure centre. For months, they take turns, with Côme, to feed them. For Elsa…

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