Édouard Philippe “the good dog dog”: his hug with Emmanuel Macron mocked by a minister

Present at the investiture of Emmanuel Macron, Saturday, May 7 at the Elysée, Édouard Philippe was entitled to a remarkable hug from the President of the Republic. This gesture, which did not go unnoticed, aroused many reactions… and in particular some mockery.

Saturday May 7, almost fifteen days after his election, Emmanuel Macron was officially invested as President of the Republic. The ceremony, which was held at the Élysée Palace, saw a large number of guests, including political figures, artists and athletes. During the event, a sequence particularly caused a reaction. After delivering his speech, the Head of State greeted dozens of people, including Édouard Philippe. When arriving in front of his former Prime Minister, the husband of Brigitte Macron addressed him a firm hug before grabbing her by the neck. Judging by his nervous smile, the president of Horizons seemed uncomfortable with this surge of affection.

This moment obviously did not go unnoticed. Since the inauguration, the reactions are numerous in the media and on social networks. This Wednesday, May 11, a minister and friend of Édouard Philippe gave his opinion on this gesture by the Chairman to The Express. And he was not kind. “The slap in the neck, it really makes Édouard the good dog dog”he quipped. “I’m not sure he liked it. He doesn’t like being touched when he hasn’t asked for anything so there, I dare not imagine”, he specified. According to the newspaper, the mayor of Le Havre is indeed not very fond of hugs and outpourings in public.


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Édouard Philippe “humiliated” by Emmanuel Macron?

Monday, May 9, the sequence was also commented on by Pascal Praud and his columnists on the set of CNews. “I find it a bit humiliating”estimated the host, adding: “He is embarrassed, Édouard Philippe. He is barely [le Président] don’t touch his cheek, though (…) There is something violent there, I think.An opinion shared by Jérôme Béglé, who compared the behavior of the Head of State to that of a “suzerain” in front of his “vassal”or to “Napoleon and his grumblers”. “There is something embarrassing, excessive… Something that is not of the order of republican protocol but monarchical“, he remarked. Olivier Dartigolles, for his part, spoke of a “small public correction”.

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