Elderly Blind Dog Found Her Owner After Being Lost For 3 Weeks And Kept Kissing Him

The beautiful story of a blind dog who came home: Dogs are not only animals, but these companions not only become people’s best friends, but also a member of their family as important as the others.

A situation that no family would want to experience is to face the disappearance of their animal, because they know that they are in danger, alone helpless and without a guide.

It’s the ordeal of a family from Alaska, United States, who searched for Lulu, their blind, elderly Golden Retriever dog, for three weeks. Although they never gave up hope of finding her, they felt it was getting harder and harder.

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Fortunately, a local construction crew found the dog after spotting her in some bushes and thinking she might be a bear, according to AP.

Elderly Blind Dog Found Her Owner After Being Lost For 3 Weeks And Kept Kissing Him

Although the dog is not in good health due to all that she has been through, her family is now taking care of her and trying to bring her back to health. “She is everything to us. I have five daughters, ages 4-13, who have spent every day of their lives with this dog,” said Lulu’s master, Ted Kubacki.

“She’s so helpless, and you imagine she can’t get very far because she can’t see,” he added.

Throughout this process, they had to deal with various unpleasant scenarios, such as when strangers made a bad joke about the location. However, the fear and despair ended when he received the call telling him that Lulu had been found.

“I called my wife from work and she was screaming. She started screaming, then she screams at the children. And I hear them screaming like crazy, told Ted Kubacki.

Although not in good health, the dog found the strength to kiss her mistress when they were reunited.

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Something very important that the masters passed on about their blind dog:

“You shouldn’t overprotect it, because that way we transmit to our animal the fear and insecurity that we feel. Animals are unaware of their new state, they simply adapt and learn to further develop their other senses in order to survive. »

It is therefore not advisable to restructure the house or move his belongings, because instead of making his life easier, you will destabilize him.

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