Eleven dogs seized in Epernon: The owner of a secret breeding in court

A 33-year-old resident of Epernon will stand trial in Chartres on November 9, in particular for serious ill-treatment or a cruel act against a domestic animal tamed or captured by its owner *.

The trial started on Sunday 12 June in Épernon. A passer-by would have witnessed blows directed by his master at a dog. Shocked, she explained, she contacted the Gendarmerie in Hips. The soldiers moved. The man, who is reported as the owner of the dog, had already returned home.

“Drove” towards the door

The gendarmes approached the door of his home. They saw through a smoked window a dog of the American Staff type. A few minutes later, according to the elements of the investigation, the gendarmes in Hips saw the dog being “driven” towards the door. They would also have seen a silhouette. The troopers ordered the person to open the door, she did not respond to the orders, according to the investigation.

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The gendarmes conducted investigations for two days. On Wednesday 15 June they returned with agents from the Departmental Directorate for Employment, Work, Solidarity and Protection of Populations (DDETSPP) and lawyers from the SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals).

Multiple injuries to eleven dogs

The owner of the dog was arrested and a search was conducted. Authorities noted the presence of numerous droppings on the interior and exterior floors of the residence and numerous injuries to eleven dogs, mostly of the American Bully breed. A rabbit was also discovered living in the midst of the rubbish.

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Without profession, already convicted for other facts, the owner of the animals was placed in police custody.

He was released after his auditions. He will appear in court on Wednesday, November 9. The dogs were placed in SPA.

He is also being prosecuted for mistreatment, unauthorized opening of a business that keeps animals of non-Tami species for breeding and sale, detention of animals without proper keeping of breeding register and use of an inappropriate method of detention, or which may cause suffering or damage to breeding, keep or keep of livestock or wild animals.

Thierry Delaunay

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