The advice only applies to sockets with a switch.
The advice only applies to sockets with a switch. (© Martin LEDUC / )

The government is hammering it: We must do it energy savings where we can. To do this, many tips were given to the French during the presentation of the energy sobriety plan.

One of them seems particularly accessible: to connect all your devices to a power strip with a switch.

Significant financial savings

Let it be said right away: the advice applies only to power rails equipped with a switch. The ones that don’t have them are just power rails and won’t let you turn off our devices that have remained on standby.

Because it is the day before the wifi box, the vacuum cleaner that charges, our phone chargers (which continue to consume power even without a phone at the end) or the TV that is targeted.

“The total power of these clocks for a household often exceeds 50 watts, which represents a cost of more than €80/year. Switching off the clocks allows us to make significant savings (up to 10% of our electricity bill!), but also to preserve the equipment,” explains Ademe.

The LED on the switch is using, but…

Against sockets with a switch, it is normal to think that the small bulb in the switch uses power. This is indeed the case, “but it is quite insignificant in terms of consumption”, notes Ademe, contacted by
“Also, there are power strips without LED switches. They just have an on/off button that doesn’t light up,” she insists.

cut everything at once

50 watts may not seem like much, but on a national basis it can make a big difference in France’s ambition to save energy. And disconnecting all your devices when you no longer need them can be time-consuming.

Also, “Unplugging is like turning off everything at once”as certified by Ademe, contacted by

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