Eric Zemmour, violent clash with Karim Benzema’s lawyer, the reason

Candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Eric Zemmour would have had a little clash a few years ago with the former lawyer of Karim Benzema, master Alain Jakubowicz, who is also the former president of Licra.

The cause of this clash was clarified by the journalist Étienne Girard in his well-documented book “Le radicalisé – Enquête sur Éric Zemmour”.

This episode dates back a few years following the polemicist’s comments on unaccompanied foreign minors, presented as murderers and rapists. The Licra had brought a civil action.

Sarah Knafo’s companion had hoped to settle this case on a television set. A meeting had taken place at the home of the lawyer of the former polemicist.

“On Friday March 19, at the end of the afternoon, Jakubowicz went to his colleague’s home. Eric Zemmour is there, feverish. He wants to convince his interlocutor to settle the conflict on a television set rather than in the courts, ”said the journalist, who reveals behind the scenes of this meeting.

Eric Zemmour’s book, French Melancholy, was then placed on the table.
“Its cover shows a French flag with, in the middle white, an inlaid eagle”, it is specified.
Karim Benzema’s former lawyer gets angry.

“I don’t understand this obsession you have for the eagle,” said the lawyer from Lyon, promoted to officer of the Legion of Honor in 2019.

“For me, it’s a Nazi symbol”, he declares to the polemicist who gets carried away: “It’s really a deformation, an obsession with you, because it’s the Napoleonic eagle”.
“The two men speak to each other, but do not really understand each other”, specifies the author. Eric Zemmour would have lived as a disaster “that one thinks of judicializing his remarks”.

“For him, the debate of ideas must resemble a swashbuckling novel where disagreements can only be settled with verbal thrusts”, is it indicated in “Inquiry into Éric Zemmour”.

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