Espaly-Saint-Marcel: lawyer Antoine Vey revives the family heritage, by creating his own aperitif

Imagine yourself, in the middle of a period of confinement, stuck in the middle of a distillery, in Espaly-Saint-Marcel… This one ceased its activity since the beginning of the 80s, but the soul of the former liquorists still permeates the places, just like that smell of wild raspberry. The one that made the reputation of the Maurin-Vey establishment. That of the famous Raspberry from Velay.

A story of family… and friends

It is in this atmosphere, and with his grandfather’s distillery anecdotes in mind, that Antoine Vey, lawyer at the Paris bar, decided to revive this family heritage, by creating his own aperitif. “I talked to several friends about it and we studied all the drinks that exist around the world to imagine ours,” he recalls.Master Antoine Vey

Their choice quickly turned to “hard seltzer”. A very popular fermented beverage in the United States, consisting of fruit-flavoured sparkling water. “It displays around 5° of alcohol and is therefore a perfect alternative to beer, explains Antoine Vey. Its taste is very amazing and its particularity is that it is low in calories. »

A refreshing drink

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Only, from dream to reality, the step is sometimes very high. It took nearly two years for the young liquorists to perfect their recipe. “I admire my grandfather who developed thirty different alcohols during his career. It’s a real job, ”says the lawyer. And, above all, who rubbed shoulders with all the administrative and legal issues involved in the manufacture of alcohol.
As the Espaly-Saint-Marcel distillery is classified as a historic monument, it was not possible to produce the first drinks in Haute-Loire, otherwise the initial investment would have been too substantial. “However, this remains our objective”, assures Antoine Vey.
For this first cuvée, the group of friends has declined its new aperitif, the Kina, in four flavors: raspberry (obviously!), verbena (Haute-Loire requires), gooseberry-basil (very thirst-quenching) and lemon-ginger (perfect for summer). “These are products that we want to be ‘top-of-the-range’,” assures Antoine Vey. We have therefore produced them in a natural way, with sourced products. And to please as many people as possible, these festive drinks can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail.
Accompanied in particular by Benjamin Martin and Fabrice Aubert, the 37-year-old Ponot does not intend to stop there. Several beverage projects are in the pipeline, including the Kina version with seasonal recipes. “But for the moment, we will concentrate on the distribution of Kina in Le Puy, assures Antoine Vey. We would like it to become the local drink par excellence. »
Fans will however have to wait for the good weather to taste the sweet brew, the marketing of Kina having to start at the beginning of the summer.

Jeanne Le Borgne


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