Eunice: a lioness from Pairi Daiza bites a rare animal… thanks to the storm


In Hainaut, Eunice, which took place last Friday, did a lot of damage. While a crane collapsed on the Chwapi during the afternoon, Pairi Daizi, in Brugelette, was also the scene of a news item linked to the storm.

As “Het Laatste Nieuws” relates on its website, Franklin’s big sister, the storm this Sunday evening indirectly caused the death of an animal in the animal park.

Like the rest of the country, we were not sparedsays the spokesperson for Pairi Daiza, Sven Watthy. On Friday night, a tree fell on our black-billed stork’s aviary. The bird was there alone. He was able to escape and landed Saturday morning in the area where our lions are staying.” The rest, everyone guesses it. “The hunting instinct of these predators resurfaced: they killed and ate the stork.”

On Facebook, a photographer shared particularly challenging images of Kira, one of the park’s lionesses, enjoying her feast. “A little extra” that the animal obviously particularly appreciated, according to observers.

Extremely rare, the event is all the more sad as the black-billed stork is an endangered animal. Coming from China, but also observed in Japan, Korea or Taiwan, the bird mainly suffers from the felling of forests and the drying up of the marshy areas where it traditionally lives.

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