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Elise Petter

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When adopting an animal, always ask yourself the right questions beforehand because it is about the life of a living being. It is the same when you decide to buy the same animal at a fair dedicated to animals.

The choice must be made with the heart, but above all with the head. Buying a dog should be a well thought out decision so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. You must first find out about the upcoming costs, about the training and the chosen breed, about the holidays coming up…

A 3rd retirement

On October 8th, after two puppies were abandoned, Mulhouse SPA shared sad news: a third puppy was abandoned. This is a young Husky just over two months old.

His owners decided to return him to the shelter after trying to contact his breeder, without success. A situation considered unacceptable by SPA, which already deals with many closures during the year and very often lacks space.

On Facebook, Mulhouse SPA therefore wanted to share its anger and sadness after this abandonment, which could have been avoided.

The establishment on 1 October of a commitment and knowledge certificate may change the situation, because it imposes a reflection period. Let’s hope this allows buyers to ask the right questions up front and before it’s too late.

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