Everything you need to know about the Beauce Shepherd

The origins of the Beauce shepherd

The Beauce shepherd, also called beauceron or bas-rouge, is a breed of French origin. It is even one of the oldest since we find evidence of its presence from the 16e century. Originally a sheepdog, it was used to round up and direct herds of cattle. At the end of the 19e century, it is officially recognized as a breed in its own right. In the first half of the 20e century, the Beauceron gradually became a watchdog and then a companion dog.

The physique of the Beauce shepherd

  • size: 61 to 68 cm for females, 65 to 70 cm for males;
  • weight: between 30 and 40 kg for females, between 30 and 45 kg for males;
  • hair: short and hard, between 3 and 4 cm long on the body and close on the head;
  • hair color: black and tan, or harlequin (black and tan with gray accents);
  • head shape: long and chiseled, skull equal in length to muzzle;
  • eye shape and color: oval, horizontal eyes, dark in color;
  • ear shape: short and flat, hooked high, drooping or semi-erect;
  • other particularities: one of the rare dog breeds to have a double dewclaw on the hind legs.

The character of the Beauce shepherd

The Beauce Shepherd is a very protective, loyal and fearless dog. His qualities are worth to him to be often chosen as guard dog, a role in which he excels. He is generally wary of strangers but is very affectionate with his family. He is a gentle companion dog, clever, sensitive and voluntary. He needs to be socialized from an early age and to be educated in a firm but gentle way, in order to channel his fiery temperament, while creating a solid bond of trust.

His working dog genes make the Beauceron an energetic and athletic dog, who has a great need to exert himself. Outings and daily activities like cani-cross and agility are necessary for his well-being. It will flourish better in a house with a garden than in an apartment. Not tolerating loneliness, he needs a present and active family.

The health of the Beauce shepherd

The Beauce Shepherd is a vigorous and solid dog that is not particularly prone to health problems. However, among the major concerns about it, hip dysplasia tops the list. the torsion-distension syndrome of the stomach is also frequently encountered in the Beauce shepherd, according to an article by veterinarians Dr E. Pujol and Dr C. Poncet. The risks will be limited by ensuring a meal morning and evening and by avoiding feeding the dog just before or just after an effort (walk, sport, games, etc.).

Osteoarthritis and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are pathologies to which the Beauceron can also be predisposed. It is also important to monitor and regularly trim its dewclaws to prevent them from snagging and injuring themselves. Annual check-ups with the veterinarian will ensure the best possible health. The life expectancy of the Beauce Shepherd varies between 10 and 13 years.

The price of the Shepherd of Beauce

The purchase price of a Beauce shepherd in breeding varies between 500 and 1000 €. As for its annual maintenance cost (quality foodvaccines and various treatments), it is estimated at around 1500 €.

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