“exasperated”, notaries, bailiffs and lawyers demonstrate in Ndjamena

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In Chad, march of notaries, bailiffs and lawyers in Ndjamena to demand more justice. There were a hundred of them pounding the pavement from the Supreme Court to the Ministry of Justice, where they delivered an open letter to the attention of the President of the Transitional Military Council.

With our correspondent in Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

In the memory of Chadians, we have never seen notaries, bailiffs and lawyers parading together in the street. This Monday, February 21, for nearly three kilometers, they walked together to say, like Me Djomia Germain, president of the National Chamber of Notaries of Chad, that they are ” exasperated “.

Exasperated by the resurgence of human barbarism and the massacres of peaceful citizens in this country, supposed to be democratic. Exasperated by violations of the right to physical integrity, exasperated by the violation of human rights and the absence of State authority with, as an immediate consequence, impunity, inequality… And the list goes on to be exhaustive “, underlines Me Djomia Germain.

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A situation which, according to the demonstrators, creates unease throughout the country and which must end, insists the president of the Chamber of bailiffs of Chad, Me Eldjimbaye Elysée.

The lack of justice is a disgrace to the people ! And if we see the human development index, Chad is in line ! In violence, we hold the lead, in development, we hold the tail ! We say no to that ! “, he insists.

After being prevented from entering the courtyard of the Ministry of Justice, they were able to deliver their open letter to collaborators of the Keeper of the Seals, who came out to meet them. An open letter to the President of the Transitional Military Council.


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