Expulsion of lawyer Paul Sollacaro from a courtroom: the magistrate not sanctioned, the conference of one hundred reacts

On September 9, the Prime Minister took the decision not to sanction the magistrate who ordered the expulsion of Me Sollacaro from a courtroom in Aix-en-Provence. A decision denounced by the conference of one hundred in a press release.

The lawyers still mobilized behind Maître Paul Sollacaro. Monday, September 20, the conference of one hundred, which brings together the presidents of the most important bars in the provinces, protested against the Prime Minister’s decision not to sanction the magistrate who ordered the expulsion of the Nice lawyer from a courtroom.

In a press release, she wrote: “considering that the classification decision of September 9, 2021, marks an unacceptable regression in the exercise of the rights of the litigant and the defense of individual freedoms; this decision, beyond the feeling of impunity, will inevitably legitimize the use of public force against lawyers.”

Read the full Hundred Conference press release

At the same time, the Conference of the Hundred calls on the Prime Minister “to seek another way of appeasement and dialogue” and asks the National Bar Council and the Conference of Presidents of the Bar “to continue the work on a cross-section of the good practices between lawyers and magistrates, in particular by strengthening the resolution of conflicts by the President of the Bar.”

On March 11, lawyer Paul Sollacaro was in a hearing in a room at the Aix-en-Provence criminal court. He asks for the disjunction of the case of his client, sick with covid, prosecuted in a drug trafficking file. The president, Marc Rivet, strongly opposes it. The tone rises between the two men. And the magistrate requests the expulsion of the lawyer by the police. A rare fact.

After an investigation by the General Inspectorate of Justice, the Prime Minister chose not to initiate a sanction against Marc Rivet, believing that the situation had calmed down.

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