Fabre’s lawyer: the ‘no sex, no solo’ accusations would be based “on gossip”

Jan Fabre himself was not present during his trial, but his lawyers read a letter from their client. “I sincerely apologize to those who feel hurt,” he said, among other things. “I never wanted to hurt anyone.” Jan Fabre acknowledges in the letter that he has been “too involved” during his career and “set the bar very high” for himself and his employees. In this document, he does not express himself concretely on the allegations made against him.

According to Me Tritsmans (photo), Fabre regrets “if people have been traumatized by their collaboration” with him. “But my client is not a criminal who needs to be locked up,” she says. “We must ask ourselves the question: should we, for each negative experience, seek a person responsible and, a fortiori, a criminal responsibility?” The lawyer believes that the prosecution’s indictment – three years in prison – is “not serious”.

The trial is also overly publicized, she said. “Jan Fabre is demonized, dehumanized. He is portrayed as power-hungry, he is said to have a culture of silence, but that’s just not true. He can be a ‘troublemaker’, impulsive and instinctive and not avoiding confrontation. But he’s also generous and gives a lot of friendship and love, he wants to bring out the best in everyone. Many support him unconditionally. It’s insulting to ignore that.”

Me Tritsmans asks the court to rule on the basis of evidence and not “subjective statements”, arguing that the women who present themselves as victims of the artist are not “helpless minors” but “strong, intelligent women , who have chosen the radical theater of Jan Fabre”. To support her remarks, she had videos of rehearsals within the company broadcast in court.

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