Farm dog retires: Internet users are in shock when they learn of his age


Skippy is a simply exceptional Border Collie!

Skippy lives in Ireland. Patrick Geraghty is his happy and very lucky master.

Ireland’s oldest pooch

Skippy is a 26 year old doggie! He is the oldest dog in Ireland and one of the oldest dogs in the world. Skippy’s age corresponds to approximately 130 years in human years!

Patrick welcomed Skippy in the summer of 1995. He had adopted him from a breeder. Two years ago Skippy retired from being a farm dog.

Two inseparable friends

The dog’s mobility has decreased and now he needs his master to help him get up. He also lost his hearing. But that didn’t change their exceptional bond.

Patrick said it was his turn to take care of his pooch, after the dog took care of him for all these years.

There are no official records to confirm Skippy’s exact age, but some family members remember Skippy as a puppy on the farm in the 1990s. Patrick’s neighbor still remembers the dog as chasing his car when he moved in about 20 years ago!

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