FC Nantes – PSG: Verratti risks very big, Chapron balances on the Parisian divas!

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The National Ethics Council (CNE) of the FFF has decided to seize the Disciplinary Committee of the League about Marco Verratti’s remarks after Nantes-PSG (3-1) on Saturday. Exasperated by the defeat of his team and the arbitration of Mr. Lesage, the Italian midfielder of PSG had let his anger express itself at the microphone of Canal +: “We cannot even speak with the referee. (…) You have to take your responsibilities because sometimes you get shit on by the referees. »

According to the disciplinary scale, a player risks, if his behavior is considered rude, five matches of suspension. But the commission remains free to sanction more lightly or more severely depending on the alleged facts. The CNE did not seize the commission for Leonardo, the sporting director of PSG, who had also commented on the arbitration.

Asked to say why PSG may have been refereed differently from other teams in Ligue 1, Tony Chapron did not mince words for the Parisian stars. “PSG can’t stand losing. They are in frustration, he swung in the Late Football Club last night on Canal + Sport. When you look at their six cards in Nantes, and not ten as Verratti says, they are cards of nervousness. When they are in trouble, they get angry. They are not used to losing. »

to summarize

For having challenged the arbitration of Mikael Lesage on Saturday after the defeat of PSG against FC Nantes at La Beaujoire (1-3), Marco Verratti is risking a lot. Tony Chapron was not kind to him and his Parisian teammates.

Bastien Aubert

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