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Pigeons are friendly birds that can even make the atmosphere romantic. We see them very often on the paintings of Paris which represent some small street or a window which gives on the Eiffel tower. However, when pigeons become more than pedestrians in city squares, when they use your balcony more than you or they think they own your garden, we understand that there is a problem. No doubt you ask yourself several times the question how to scare away pigeons. Instead of entering the role of a living scarecrow by making threatening gestures, it is better to read our article to be able to take advantage of our practical and effective advice.

Two pigeons in love in Paris

Pigeons in a euphoria

how to keep pigeons away a lot of pigeons in the square

We will start by revealing the risks that the presence of pigeons hides.

Technical damage

Pigeon droppings can be very destructive to your balcony or garden. They contain high amounts of uric acid which destroys any surface it touches, regardless of the type of material. The cleaning that can contribute to good hygiene cannot prevent the process of decomposition.

Pigeon droppings

pigeon's on a park bench


The damage that concerns the surfaces, turns out to be the smallest problem. It is even more important to prevent the dangers which concern ourselves. Pigeons spread different diseases through their droppings, feathers or nests. When it comes to droppings, we must say that the risk is very small, especially when you clean them regularly. Feathers, on the other hand, are only dangerous when the pigeon is already dead. You still have to be very careful, because they fly and roam everywhere. As for the nests, apart from small pigeons, they harbor a large number of bacteria and insects. Made of light materials, they are not too wind resistant and can start to decompose on your balcony for example.

To protect yourself, avoid contact and inhalation and clean regularly. For a lasting result, read the rest of our article to understand how to scare away pigeons permanently.

Watch out for the feathers!

anti pigeon a pigeon cleaning its feathers on the roof

A pigeon’s nest

tips to keep birds away a pigeon's nest on the balcony

Ultrasonic pigeon repellent

You may know that birds have much better and sharper hearing than people. They need it to hear the calls of other birds. They therefore capture sounds that are imperceptible to us. This is why the ultrasonic pigeon repellent is a very good idea. The fine noise it produces can be heard by birds about 60 meters away. Take into consideration, that this tool will not chase away the birds that are already settled in one go. You have to let it run for several hours a day for several weeks.

Ultrasonic repellent

ultrasonic pigeon repeller against pigeons in the garden

Pigeon scarer

Pigeons serve as food for raptors such as hawks and hawks. Unfortunately, we can’t invite these mighty birds of prey to keep the pigeons away from us, but there is a good alternative! Find the most realistic pigeon scarer possible that is the same size as the real raptor. There are even some who make movements and emit a natural noise or many others who use solar energy to turn their heads. For best results, move the bird scarer regularly.

A false raptor against pigeons

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reflective surface

Birds, in general, do not like flashes of light. The birds’ eyes react to the prism effect, leaving the birds disoriented. The good thing is that this principle can be applied with a variety of things lying around your house or going cheap at your local department store. Old CDs, small mirrors, strips of aluminum foil are popular choices. Hang them using a string where you see pigeons hanging out. Moved by the wind, They catch the light and dazzle the birds.


If you want to prevent pigeons from perching on the edges of your balcony, for example, anti-perch spikes are a good option. By reducing the areas where they can set foot, you make your home a less attractive option for pigeons. You are offered the polycarbonate plastic material which is quite durable and requires almost no maintenance. It is also light in color, which makes it difficult to notice from a distance. This way it does not hinder the aesthetics of your balcony.

Anti-roost spikes

scare away pigeons anti-perching spikes against pigeons

Apart from the balcony and the garden, the roof is also a favorite place for pigeons, as they like to make their nests there. Deterring pigeons from nesting on your roof can be the key to keeping them out of the house in general. So how do you scare pigeons off the roof?

Anti-pigeon gel

Buy a tube of caulking that can cover an area of ​​3.5m. Load the caulk tube into your caulking gun and apply the gel in lines. Once they land on the roof, the birds will realize that the surface is very sticky and leave immediately.

A pigeon resting on the roof

grandma's recipe to scare away pigeons

Tile cover plates

Tile-filling plates are a very good solution, which may take a little longer to apply, but are quite effective. Use clips or screws to secure them to the tiles. In this way, you block the passage of pigeons, but also that of rodents.

Tile cover plate

anti pigeon balcony plate mouth tiles for the roof

A fence

Another favorite place for nesting pigeons are the gutters and the chimney. Install a fairly fine mesh that will allow the water to flow and the smoke to come out.

Grandma’s recipe to scare away pigeons

In order to facilitate you, we provide you with a list of things that pigeons hate. You can use them to make your garden or balcony an unpleasant place for these birds.

White vinegar to scare away pigeons

Pigeons don’t like the smell of white vinegar at all, which automatically makes it a very effective remedy against birds. So mix white vinegar and water in equal proportions. Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil if you want.

younger women use the water hose to wash her patio

Pigeon repellent – ​​bleach

This is another smell that repels pigeons. This is a trick that can be put into practice especially when it comes to balconies. Avoid applying it in the garden so as not to harm the plants. In addition, bleach can be dangerous for men too. Be careful, especially if you have children at home.

Spices – trick to scare birds away

We love spices! Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon? Well, pigeons! Take advantage of this difference between your taste and that of the pigeon! You can also use pepper, curry or chilli. All these odors, being too intense for the birds, will drive them away immediately. Sprinkle abundantly in the garden or on the balcony.

Your best ally against pigeons!

grandma's recipe to scare pigeons cinnamon

grandma's recipe to scare away curry pigeons

ground chilli pepper

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