Find all the missing objects in this EXTREME visual challenge

Can you find the missing items?

In this visual challenge, we find two young people enjoying what seems like a beautiful night, both sitting in a room that hides 5 objects. The challenge is to find these 5 objects in the picture within the first 15 seconds.

Visual Challenge: Full Image

A bicycle, a curious frog, a tin can, a soccer ball and a slipper – this is the list of objects that have been camouflaged in the image. Relax and avoid distractions in order to complete the challenge within the time limit. You can do it !

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If you allow us to give you some advice, we suggest that you pay particular attention to shapes and details, do not get carried away by the colors of objects, it’s all in the silhouettes. Come on, you’re out of time. Don’t ask for help, concentrate and show that you are capable of challenging Sherlock Holmes himself.


If you still haven’t managed to find the 5 missing objects, don’t worry, some challenges are more difficult than others, keep trying and we are sure that very soon there will be no more challenges than you. won’t be able to solve.

In the meantime, here is the image with the solution:

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How to solve a visual challenge? If you want to solve a visual challenge, you have to use your imagination and deduction skills, because the solution is linked to the statement, so you are not allowed to ask other people for help.

What is the origin of the visual challenges? Visual challenges have been around for a long time, but they became very popular after the 1940s because people had free time and were not shy about solving visual puzzles alone or with family. It was a distraction in these times of confinement.

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