Fiona case: why Cécile Bourgeon’s lawyers are going to ask for her release

The Court of Cassation having declared “not admitted” the appeal brought by the lawyers of Fiona’s mother, the conviction of the Lyon Court of Appeal, in December 2020, which saw Cécile Bourgeon receive twenty years of criminal imprisonment , is now final


“She will have been sentenced to ten years less than the requisitions, which have always been thirty years during the various trials”, welcome her lawyers, Maîtres Gilles-Jean and Renaud Portejoie.

Seven years already served

To date, Cécile Bourgeon has served just over seven years in prison. Of the twenty years that she must serve, with regard to the automatic sentence reductions corresponding to the period during which she was imprisoned, five are to be deducted from this quantum.

“Knowing that her detention has always gone well and that she had not had any incidents. In addition, it presents good guarantees for a sentence adjustment, ”assures Maître Renaud Portejoie.

Of these fifteen years to be served, there remains an automatic security sentence of ten years. The Auvergne lawyers will therefore ask for the “raising” of this period so that Fiona’s mother can benefit from a sentence adjustment. This request should be made this Friday. premium

There will be no fifth trial in the Fiona case, her lawyers will ask for the release of Cécile Bourgeon

A request for release filed in Lyon

Cécile Bourgeon is currently imprisoned in the Lyon-Corbas remand center, the request will therefore be filed before the Lyon sentence enforcement court. If justice granted the request for her advice, she could be released in the coming months.

The conviction of Berkane Makhlouf, the ex-companion of Cécile Bourgeon, to eighteen years of criminal imprisonment, also becomes final.

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