Fire in the archives of a law firm in Tarbes: the imprisoned suspect

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The man placed in police custody on December 2, following a fire in Tarbes, was imprisoned in the remand center. This detention comes in the context of a previous conviction, and the police investigation continues to find out if the individual set fire to the archives of a law firm.

The man suspected of having set fire in early December to the archives of the law firm of My Stéphanie Balespouey, Sabine Lemuet and Elisabeth Toujas-Lebourgeois, located in the cellar of a building rue Georges Magnoac in Tarbes, was imprisoned in Tarbes remand center.

A detention that is not related to the fire, only the alleged arsonist was to serve a prison sentence following a previous conviction.

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Investigations are continuing to try to find out whether or not the man, present at the scene and whose suspicious and “incoherent” behavior on the day of the incident drew the attention of investigators, deliberately caused the fire.

“We ask ourselves questions again. The cellar contains our archived files, cases that are no longer in progress. Normally it is completely secure. We don’t know how it ended up open, if it was forced…” declared last week Me Balespouey, whose office was “visited” by one or more criminals six months ago. At this stage of the investigation, there is no evidence to link the two cases.

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