On the night of May 6, the sky was adorned with sheaves of color in Koekelberg. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the municipality fired a fireworks display in Elisabeth Park. If the pyrotechnic spectacle amazes the majority of human beings, animals do not appreciate it in the same way.

“We have had green parakeets in the park for a long time, it was boxing! They were so scared that they flew away,” Mireille storm who lives near the town hall. “Let them make their fireworks elsewhere than where there are parakeets!” They have as many rights as the others. “Especially since they are not the only ones to have been frightened. Her cats also didn’t appreciate the fireballs that erupted in the night.

►► At their reaction to the fireworks, his blood boiled: “Frightened, they ran everywhere and ran to hide! »

►► The resident does not budge, the town has completely forgotten animal welfare by organizing this night entertainment.

►► The community’s reaction.