Fnac-Darty accelerates the exploitation of customer data with Google Cloud AI

The brand specializing in the distribution of cultural, IT and brown-white products Fnac-Darty has signed a contract with Google Cloud. Retail Search Big Query solutions will be deployed in particular to improve the web/mobile customer journey and experience, anticipate requests and better manage promotions.

Google Cloud has been garnering French retail and distribution customers lately. After Kiabithe Rock Group or Casino and LVMH, it’s the turn of Fnac-Darty, the heavyweight retailer in stores and online, to conclude with the American giant. The specialist in the distribution of cultural, IT and brown-white products has thus entered into an agreement with Google Cloud and will use several of its solutions in this context. Firstly, Retail Search, implemented in the coming months, which will help convert customers’ purchase intentions on Fnac-Darty’s websites and mobile applications.

“Its objective is to increase the performance of the sites thanks to a more fluid and relevant search and discovery of products. The availability of Google’s technological expertise in this area will provide consumers with an easier, personalized and enriched online shopping experience. The fnac.com and darty.com sites will thus benefit from increased conversion and increased customer satisfaction,” said a press release.

Prevent the churn client with Google AI

In particular, this should make it possible to better understand consumer purchase intention by linking it to the store’s product inventory. The customer experience must also be improved by benefiting, for example, from automatic entry functions or even personalized results and relevant promotions. For this, Google Cloud’s machine learning technology will be coupled with semantic and contextual analysis. “Thanks to this collaboration with Google, around the cloud and data, unprecedented and pioneering on the French distribution market, our customers will benefit from a smoother, more personalized and differentiating experience during their shopping journey in online,” said Enrique Martinez, CEO of Fnac Darty.

Fnac Darty also plans to strengthen its existing data lake with Google Cloud’s BigQuery solution to extract and leverage the value of its data through the use of AI. “The use cases are numerous and carry high value for the group and customers: improved management of promotions, demand forecasting, prevention of customer churn, better prioritization of after-sales service interventions, management by customer value. , among others,” the statement read. The brand’s employees will also benefit from specific training on the culture of data, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to better appropriate these technologies.

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