Fnac-Darty transforms the e-commerce experience with Google Cloud


Fnac-Darty transforms the e-commerce experience with Google Cloud

Online commerce consolidated further last year, after a record year in 2020. The share of e-commerce in retail trade is now approaching the 15% mark. Retailers are taking advantage of this prosperous period to improve their sites and win over new customers. Through a renewed partnership, the Fnac-Darty group relies on the technology and expertise of Google Cloud to rethink its data strategy.

The purpose of this collaboration is to enable Fnac-Darty to accelerate its digital transformation, which was already boosted last year with its Everyday strategic plan. By relying on Google Cloud technologies, Fnac-Darty intends to offer enriched offers for its customers, while taking care of the omnichannel purchasing process.

“As a committed player, we help our customers to make their choice clear. Thanks to this collaboration with Google around the cloud and data, unprecedented and pioneering on the French distribution market, our customers will benefit from a more fluid, more personalized and differentiating experience during their online shopping journey.” , said Enrique Martinez, CEO of Fnac-Darty.

A more powerful search engine soon to be deployed

Among the main announcements, Fnac-Darty will deploy the Google Cloud Retail Search solution on the Fnac.com and Darty.com sites, to create an online shopping experience “facilitated, personalized and enriched”, according to a press release.

“With value-added services, the idea is to put the customer at the heart of the concerns”, summarizes Anthony Cirot, France director of Google Cloud, to ZDNet. “The Google Cloud Retail Search solution aims to optimize search tools, so that potential buyers can find what they are looking for,” he says. While the solution benefits from the power and technology of Google’s search engine, it is also the first time that the solution has been implemented by a French distributor.

This integrated search engine tackles the number one problem of merchant sites: customer abandonment. To tackle this issue, the search methods and product characteristics will be redesigned, with the possibility, for example, of integrating images into the search bar or making a request by voice. “For a long time, most search sites indexed products. But today, we are more on a sum of characteristics, which makes research more complex and creates a substantial volume of data,” explains Anthony Cirot.

Omnichannel experience

In addition, Fnac-Darty also plans to integrate data analysis and processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools into its platforms. If Google provides the technologies that the brand needs to build its large data lake, it is Fnac-Darty that ultimately decides which use cases will be deployed as a priority. And they will be “numerous and bearers of value”, specifies the retailer, evoking among other things the improvement of the management of promotions, the forecasting of demand or the prevention of customer “churn”.

Components, such as BigQuery, will be made available to the French group to access and analyze different data sources. This in-depth work contributes to the creation of a “seamless experience between the digital and physical world”, says Anthony Cirot. Omnichannel is also part of the priorities of Fnac-Darty, which wants to ensure at least 30% of its turnover on the web by 2025, half of which in omnichannel.

To enable Fnac-Darty teams to find new business cases, Google Cloud will also support the group in training. The teams will be made internally aware of the challenges and culture of data and artificial intelligence. Hackathons will be organized in particular, says Anthony Cirot. The goal: to acculturate employees to these new digital uses, and help them quickly design “minimum viable products”.

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