Football Ligue 1 – L1: Labrune reveals PSG’s enormous gift to French football

Thanks to the agreement with CVC Capital Partners, the Professional Football League will collect 1.5 billion euros. The amount will be paid in particular to Ligue 1 clubs, starting with Paris Saint-Germain, which will receive the largest share. And this despite his gesture of solidarity.

It’s official since this Friday, the Professional Football League holds its agreement with CVC Capital Partners. The investment fund will buy 13% of the shares of the new commercial company for 1.5 billion euros. The amount will be paid in particular to Ligue 1 clubs in unequal shares. While several residents will receive 33 million euros each, others will collect 80 million euros, far behind the 200 million euros reserved for Paris Saint-Germain. Some might see this as unfair sharing.

But according to LFP president Vincent Labrune, the club led by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has been particularly generous. ” Everyone knows the fragility of our economyentrusted the leader to L’Equipe. The great pride of the League’s teams and its advisers (the Lazard and Centerview banks and the Darrois law firm) is to provide a solution to deal with an unprecedented financial crisis. In this context, the least risky club of all, for obvious reasons, was PSG. »

He had to be convinced of the advisability of carrying out this project. Paris was entitled to claim, according to all the studies, between 300 and 350 million euros because it participates in 34% of the income of the L1explained Vincent Labrune. But he chose to lower his share to 200 million euros, or 17% of the total, so that the entire ecosystem can benefit from the project. In fact, Paris is losing the most. What was proposed was the least unfair solution. A nice gesture of solidarity from Paris Saint-Germain.

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