for the Advocate General, “obviously the motive is sexual”


The reason for rape was not retained in the accusation against Nordahl Lelandais, but for the Advocate General, “we are on sexual predation”.

Life imprisonment, together with a 22-year security sentence, was requested Thursday against Nordahl Lelandais for the kidnapping and murder of Maëlys De Araujo in 2017 during a wedding. Despite accusations from the family, the grounds for sexual assault or rape were not retained, accusations that Nordahl Lelandais for his part refuted.

This accusation was however strongly supported this Thursday during the requisitions of the Advocate General, for whom, “we are of course on a sexual motive”.

“Obviously the motive is sexual”, declared Jacques Dallest, “there is the consultation of porn sites and the sexual touching of his little cousins”, he recalled. For him, “Maëlys was the child at his mercy, he kidnapped her to engage in sexual acts. We are on sexual predation”.

“A sexual gesture was imposed on Maëlys but we cannot demonstrate it”

The Advocate General nevertheless conceded that there is “no material element, no DNA and no traces on the body of the little one, which explains why the accusation of rape was not detention”.

But for him, the behavior of Nordahl Lelandais shows that he is hiding something about it: he “did everything to delay the discovery of the body”, he declared, assuring that he had “the conviction that a sexual gesture was imposed on Maëlys but we cannot demonstrate it”. In this sense, “legally speaking we have nothing to reproach Nordahl Lelandais for the crime of rape”.

Jacques Dallest notes significant sexual activity in the accused, but “the problem is that his sexuality is interested in children, young children and adolescents. He had photos of very young children”, and according to Jacques Dallest, ” we went from virtual sex to real sex”. He recalled the facts of sexual assault on his little cousins, “on little ones 4 and 6 years old. 4 and 6 years old, let’s remember”.

On the sixth day of the trial, Nordahl Lelandais admitted having had “pedophile” inclinations.

“Not a serial killer” but “a psychopath”

The Advocate General pointed out the attitude of the accused during the investigation and the trial, which changed version several times. He calls him a “permanent liar”.

Retracing the evening of the wedding, Jacques Dallest declared that according to him, “the bait is the dogs”, and that “to get an 8-year-old child into a car at 2:46 am without the consent of the parents, we are very clearly in a kidnapping”. For him, “there are not 36,000 explanations for a kidnapping: for money, for revenge or for a sexual reason.”

He then shelled the questions that remained unanswered during the trial: where did the Bermuda shorts worn by Nordahl Lelandais on the wedding night go and what was on it? Potentially semen for the Advocate General. And where do the scratches found on Nordahl Lelandais come from? And the cut hair of Maëlys De Araujo? The laceration of her dress? Or this big stone of 14kg that we find on the body?

But contrary to the theories that had run for a while, for the Advocate General, “Nordahl Lelandais is not a serial killer. He was convicted of murder [celui du caporal Arthur Noyer, ndlr] and is going to be tried for a second murder, but he is not a serial killer. He is, however, a psychopath.”

Melanie Bertrand with Salomé Vincendon

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