Franck Haise: “Florian Sotoca is a rare player”

The 1-1 draw of RC Lens against Lyon (25th day of Ligue 1) was a bit special for Florian Sotoca. the attacker Blood and Gold evolved into an unusual midfield role.

Author of a big match, Florian Sotoca impressed observers of the meeting. Frank Haise recognized the qualities of his player and detailed this paying tactic: “ It was necessary to densify the heart of the game because they have so much staggering, players at the heart of the game, striker who picks up and so much technical quality too. If we had too many spaces between the players, it would have been difficult over time to counter them. The idea was to densify the axis with a diamond at times, but to continue to advance strongly at times in the corridors to always put them under pressure. From the diamond, that should not prevent us from triggering pressings. To go from a 4-5-1 diamond to a 5-3-2 or sometimes finish a 4-3-3. It was the goal on the defensive field and I think we did it well. […] Florian has this ability to put himself at the service of the team to such an extent. He is also very intelligent in what to do in the compensations, the balances. That’s why he’s a rare player. He had a very good match last week, a very good match against Bordeaux. It had been a long time since he had played a game like this. He is still important to us. He comes out of 2 big performances. He is certainly one of the best players in the 2 matches if not the best. The idea is that he is a hybrid position to counter-attack and a bigger role in our defensive organization. »

On his side, Florian Sotoca was satisfied with his performance and the success of the tactics used by the RCL : “ It was a somewhat special role, but I adapt to the coach’s instructions. I think it went well overall with Cheick Doucoure on sentry and Seko Fofana and me a little higher. I think we hampered them a lot in midfield. That’s what we wanted. We knew they were bringing people back to this sector with quality players. If we put the 2, 3 chances in the bottom at the end of the meeting we can win. »

While this system was a little surprise for observers, Peter Bosz, the Lyon coach, expected such a tactical disposition: “ I suspected it because he had already evolved in this kind of register at home too. I also remember that we had a lot of chances in that match. We won, but we didn’t deserve to win. I knew here at home with their audience, we were going to be rushed that way. »

Interview by Mickaël Nys

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