free access to the store, free demos… Google’s cloud gaming is reinventing itself

Stadia, the cloud gaming service designed by Google, will take advantage of its share of new features to try to attract more subscribers, but also to facilitate the porting of games for developers.

Stadia: free access to the store, free demos…  Google's cloud gaming is reinventing itself
Google Stadia // Source: Google

The Mountain View firm held its conference Google for Games Developer Summit yesterday. In addition to announcing the upcoming arrival of Steam on Chromebooks, Google has detailed a number of new features for Stadia. Some will concern features for users, while others are intended to make life easier for developers.

New features on the Stadia store interface

In a few weeks, the Stadia cloud gaming service store will change. Thus, it will be fully accessible to everyone, without the need to log in with a Google account or to have a Pro Stadia account. Anyone will therefore be able to discover the catalog and browse it more easily, especially when looking for a specific title among the more than 200 games available.

The goal is of course to offer a clearer and more easily searchable showcase, which makes you want to subscribe. This change will also allow games to display directly in a Google search. The interface will be slightly revised for this new public and open version.

This new Stadia catalog will thus put more emphasis on publisher sales, free trials and demos, as well as games available in free-to-play, such as Destiny 2 Where PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Demos for all games and easy porting

The other major addition concerns free trials, which would be open to all games. Publishers and developers could thus decide the precise duration of the free trial on each title. For gamers, it would apparently be possible to play the free demo without signing up.

Google has also thought about developers: games under Unreal Engine and Unity can be ported to Stadia much more easily, thanks to a porting toolkit called “Low Change Porting ». This will allow studios to port Windows games to Stadia faster. A good way for Google to try to attract more studios to its platform, to be able to offer more games, and therefore gain subscribers.

Finally, Google has decided to open up its streaming technology used on Stadia, by offering it as a license, so that it can be used by other companies. This technology will be called “Immersive Stream for Games ».

Google has therefore not abandoned its Stadia project and continues to improve it. However, cloud gaming by Google is still far behind other services such as GeForce Now by Nvidia and Xbox Cloud Gaming by Microsoft.

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