Friborg – A couple led the way at the expense of old dogs


A former employee and her husband have extracted several hundred thousand francs from a Friborg association for dogs and cats at the end of their lives.

The ex-employee happily helped herself to the accounts of the Veterans' Oasis.

The ex-employee happily helped herself to the accounts of the Veterans’ Oasis.

Veteran’s Oasis/Facebook

She worked in a Friborg EMS for dogs and cats, he was employed in an international IT company. With a cumulative salary of more than 14,000 francs, this couple, parents of two daughters, lacked nothing. But that did not prevent this thirty-year-old French woman and her husband from embezzling more than 290,000 francs from the accounts of the animal shelter.

The Oasis of veterans, based in Vaulruz (FR), placed all its trust in its ex-collaborator, relates “La Liberté”. She worked there as a commercial employee and therefore had full access to the accounts of the association.

Donation money

It was during the year 2018 that the French had operated her accounting scam. Thanks to this new income, largely from donor money, she spent with her husband up to 40,000 francs a month. Vehicles, clothes, household appliances… The little family was leading the way.

The ex-employee appeared for these facts on Wednesday before the Tribunal de la Gruyère, reports “La Liberté”. Her husband too, accused for his part of having encouraged his spouse to continue his fraudulent artifices.

Now based in France, the couple ensures that all the money embezzled has since been spent. But a request to verify the existence of potential hidden bank accounts has been filed by the lawyer for the Veterans’ Oasis. The mutual assistance of the French and Italian authorities is in particular requested. A request to which the judges responded.

Pending the conclusions of this investigation, the offending couple reimburses the shelter with 200 euros per month.

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