Frocourt. A chihuahua killed by a staff, the owners denounce a climate of fear

By Stephane Hardivillers

Lucky belonged to a couple from Frocourt (Oise). Saturday March 19. He was killed by another dog that escaped from its owners’ home.

A chihuahua was killed on Saturday March 19 in the town of Frocourt, not far from Beauvais. The animal, named Lucky, was attacked by an American staff-type mastiff. The owners “have two staff-type mastiffs, a 12-year-old male, a two-year-old female. A fortnight ago, the male already attacked another dog a little further in the neighborhood“says the master of Lucky. He and his wife explain that aggressive dogs easily manage to escape from their masters’ house through a hole in the fence.

The staff grabs the chihuahua by the neck

The owners of the chihuahua did not take off, they will go to the end of their complaint, “because now the inhabitants of the neighborhood are afraid“. This couple, living in rue du Moulin for 35 years, is now in conflict with the local residents who own the “killer dog» installed for just over a month.
After the first attack two weeks ago, a second incident took place on Thursday 17 March. “I was walking in the driveway behind our house when the female staff came out through a hole in the fence and was heading towards us, luckily she was attached to a big chain which stopped her running. I had time to hug my two chihuahuas and go home“says the owner of Lucky. A report is then made immediately to the town hall. “No one knows this couple or knows if their dogs are indeed declared, as required by law“.
Two days later, around 10 a.m., the husband goes to see a friend a little further down the street accompanied by the little chihuahua Lucky. He is talking with a friend when the latter sees the mastiff who has escaped arrive:he rushed towards Lucky!The man tries to intervene when the staff threw themselves on the little chihuahua and grabbed her by the neck. “He pulled so hard…as I was still holding the leash I fell, then the dog and went away with the little dog in his mouth“.

The origin of the dogs in question

Today, in addition to the pain of having lost Lucky, the couple thinks “residents who have children and dogs. No one is safe with this case. It reminds me, more than ten years ago, of that little girl from Saint-Quentin d’Auteuil who was killed by two dogs. Unfortunately, these dog breeds can be unpredictable, although of course people train them.“, pleads the owner.
The couple lodged a complaint and are helped in their approach by the mayor of Frocourt, David Crevet. An investigation into the origin of the dogs and their declaration must take place. Finally, it should be noted that category 1 and 2 dogs must, on public roads, be on a leash and wear a muzzle. The case therefore has every chance, in the long term, of landing in the criminal court.

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