From July 1, it will be necessary to present a permit to acquire an animal: “A false good idea”

The Walloon deputy (Aywaille) Philippe Dodrimont loves animals to the point of owning a good twenty of them: 20 cats, 8 donkeys and 3 ponies (soon 4), “all broken arms that I have collected”, he says. But he wonders about the new system which will come into force on July 1 in Wallonia. To acquire an animal, to buy it or to adopt it, you will have to show your credentials to the seller, shelter, trader… More specifically, you will have to present an extract from the central file showing that you have not been forfeited or prohibited from your license to keep an animal, following a conviction or a sanction pronounced by a judge or a sanctioning official. The idea: not to put an animal in the hands of “executioners” who again risk being mistreated.

Walloon MP Philippe Dodrimont (MR) will question Minister Tellier on this subject. – PhotoNews

“A priori a good idea, but…”

“A priori, it’s a good idea because it reinforces the future conditions for acquiring an animal. But I’m a little afraid that this permit will turn into a false good idea, ”says MP MR Philippe Dodrimont, who will question the Minister of Animal Welfare Céline Tellier (Ecolo) next week. “I fear two things basically. 1. That we don’t put enough checks behind it, to make sure everything is going well. I completely trust shelters and traders. But as always, some might be tempted not to require this document. However, from what I hear, there are too few agents in the Animal Welfare Unit to be able to control all this; 2. Second fear, the digital divide. To access this document, it may be necessary to go digitally. Will this new requirement not become an obstacle to adoption, by the elderly or by people who live without the internet?

Questioned by the Belgian Federation of pet traders, the deputy Dodrimont will also question the minister on the species covered by this famous permit.

“Also for goldfish?” »

“Will this also concern goldfish and birds? He will also question the Minister of Local Authorities Christophe Collignon (PS) on this famous central file which will be managed by the Walloon Region, and on the way in which the municipalities will issue documents to citizens.

“If we only take into account convictions for animal abuse and do not take into account cases in progress (and not yet judged), we risk missing the target”, fears Philippe Dodrimont. “And then, how long will the document be valid for?” »

Other observers wonder if the municipalities will be ready on July 1 to issue this famous document.


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