further integration into the Google ecosystem.

A preview of Android 13 shows how Pixel smartphones can stream apps to your PC.

Google is working in 2022 to optimize the integration and interactions between the Android and Chrome OS experience, much like what already exists in Apple’s ecosystem between an iPhone or iPad and macOS. New features include a messaging app that would mirror from your Android smartphone to your Chromebook. Thanks to the reference site 9to5Googlewho has studied in depth the preview of Android 13 for developers, we have a first look at what this feature could look like.

Seamless operation between Android and your PC

According to the findings of the site 9to5Googleit looks like Google is going to allow stream your applications on your PC under Chrome OS. This feature may well end up being compatible with other operating systems as well, as Google uses the same web app involved on Chrome OS and on Windows 11.

According to 9to5GoogleHere’s how it all works with a Google Pixel smartphone: “Your Pixel generates an entirely separate virtual display that streams to your PC, rather than just mirroring your smartphone screen. This second display is where your messaging apps will appear. This means you can open an app on your PC without disturbing apps running on your smartphone screen.

And it’s not just about messaging apps, apparently you’ll be able to open any app on your phone: “At the bottom left of the virtual screen, there’s a menu button that when clicked , reveals the full list of apps installed on your smartphone. With this menu, you can launch any app, not just messaging apps. In effect, your entire phone is accessible through Pixel’s cross-device streaming.”

The article of 9to5Google offers demonstration videos and screenshots that show what this new version of Android is capable of. We advise you to take a look. The preview developer of Android 13 just released, like all development releases, things may change drastically by the time Android is released.Android 13. We’ll let you know when there’s a major breakthrough on this long-awaited feature…

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