Gaming Live Stray: Panthaa and Tiraxa Discover This Year’s Cutest Cat

Game News Gaming Live Stray: Panthaa and Tiraxa Discover This Year’s Cutest Cat

Stray is the cute game of this summer. In this narrative adventure game, you embody a red cat whose animation is the strong point. Seeking to return home, our furry ball will have to solve several mysteries.

A Chaber Punk universe

Stray immerses us in a “cyber-city fallen into oblivion”. Our ginger cat, whose name we don’t know, is trying to get home. This twinkling neon town features puzzles that seem to be arranged to harness our protagonist’s talents. Agility and intelligence are in tune with this environment. A world that remains worrying for our cat, as we can see in a video of the gameplay where we are chased by rats. In this adventure, all the skills of our cat are put to the test. Blue Twelve, the development studio, is betting on a variation of rhythms and content for this little eight-hour adventure, or 10 hours for the most curious among you.

Cat does what?

The team took care to explore all facets of a cat to model and animate Stray’s. “Building a cat was really the hardest part,” says Blue Twelve Studio. But looking for images for reference wasn’t that hard, “the whole internet seems to have been invented for the purpose of posting photos and videos of cute cats!”. We find in this game all the qualities, but also all the annoying interactions of a cat. A key is provided so that it meows according to the player’s desire, even during cutscenes. “We have agreed on a compromise where all the jumps will be successful” affirms the studio. Thus, our cat will always be able to land on its paws. What would a cat be without its endless naps? And yes, it is possible to doze off for a moment in Stray.

  • Panthaa and Tiraxa take on the role of the cutest cat of the year from 3 p.m.

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